Website Optimisation is the implementation of the most searched for keywords/key phrases into your website relevant to your page content and also involves other key tasks to make you site ‘fit for web’.

Optimised keywords and key phrases help to build and improve your page content, page descriptions and page titles. When successfully aligned these individual elements help to create optimised content as mentioned in the Website Analysis section of this page.

If you already have a website and are not achieving the ranking you expect then addressing this areas of your website project is a good place to start.

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Due to the ever changing Google Algorithms, website optimisation or search engine optimisation (SEO) has become a key to successful ranking of any website.

There are numerous methods involved in creating successfully optimised web pages. From the site design itself, the quality of content on each web page, keyword optimisation and search engine submission are a few ways to achieve a successful search engine ranking.

The single most important aspect of optimisation is the amount of visitors to your site. This can be achieved organically over time but is not guaranteed, the most effective way to increase visitors to your site is to create a targeted Marketing campaign intended for a specific audience.

These type of marketing campaigns coupled with a detailed keyword, content and web page optimisation campaign can produce effective results allowing you to bring more people to your website and in turn converting visits to sales.

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Google Adword campaigns are ‘pay per click’ marketing campaigns displayed on the google search results page for relevant content searches.

The ‘pay per click’ advert is positioned randomly on the right-hand-side of each search results page and are ordered by relevance, the amount each click costs the owner of the advert and the amount of times the advert is displayed is based on the value of the daily budget assigned to each as can be their frequency can be determined by how often and at what time of the day the seller wishes to display them.

These adverts can be analysed for how many times they have been visited, the effect it has had on your overall site visits and the key measurement of their effectiveness is analysing if sales or contact has been made from their appearance on the search page.

We can create Google Adwords campaigns and manage them for our customers based on the content and allocated daily budget.

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Upon your site being designed, analysed, optimised and tested, ready for publishing, your site is submitted to your chosen search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL etc.

The benefits of search engine submissions are simple, they speed up the time it takes for the search engine to pick up the new content on your site and it can be categorised and placed correctly within the search engine for effective ranking.

This service is part of our website design package but is offered for customers with an existing site needing assistance and guidance on this task.