Top 10 reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is more important than ever, from direction to flexibility, we take a look at the top 10 reasons why you need to implement a digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy is an incredibly essential tool for businesses as it’ll helps reach a wide audience, being both cost-effective and easily measurable. Digital marketing strategies enable companies to generate a high return on their investment compared to traditional marketing methods. Developing a digital strategy will aid a business in realising what makes them unique while also identifying how to get the company’s message across a variety of digital channels.

These strategies will also allow businesses to reveal certain opportunities that will propel you to the next level. If these are not enough to convince you to implement your own digital marketing strategy, we have another ten reasons why a digital marketing strategy is needed.

1. Direction & goals

A company without a digital marketing strategy is directionless with no strategic goals in place. By implementing a proper digital marketing strategy with clearly defined goals, a company will be in a better position to acquire new customers, retain existing customers and build long-term relationships. A digital marketing strategy will help a business map out its route to success, with a clear picture defining exactly where the money and resources will be invested in.

2. Mobile audience

Nowadays, the majority of adults own a smartphone or tablet and spend most of their time on it. Digital marketing will help you reach them through re-marketing ads, emails, text messages and also through social media platforms. While your targeted audience is busy on their phone you will be constantly there popping up on their mobile through notifications or on their social media news-feed. Build your online presence or else you risk losing out to your competitors.

3. Worthy competitor

A detailed and well thought out digital marketing strategy will enable companies to take substantial action against competitors in a bid to remain ahead of them. It also helps companies identify niche market areas that are untouched, giving you a head-start in the market and the chance to target the audience properly.

4. Brand awareness

Brand awareness measures how well known your brand is among your target market. A digital marketing strategy will include a brand awareness campaign which will aim to grow the company’s engagement and content distribution. In addition, since the company’s brand awareness campaign will be digital, you will be able to know the exact number of how many people have been reached.

5. Knowing your customers well

Digital marketing also adds the element of tracking customers. Not only will you be able to target a wider audience through a digital strategy but a company will also be able to track where the customers are going and what type of content is keeping them on your page. Tracking features also allow the company to evaluate which methods are most effective and which ones need to be changed, refined and improved upon.

6. Need for an integrated approach

Marketing requires an integrated approach that fulfils all criteria. A digital marketing strategy will help combine all resources and package a good marketing plan that is effective.

7. Personalisation

Your customer database will be linked to your website and this is the perfect chance for personalisation. When someone visits your site, you will be able to target them with specific offers & ads and the more they buy, the more you will be able to refine the customer profile. Personalisation gives the customers a sense of importance and also develops trust as they feel like a valued customer to the company. It also improves customer experience, revenue and brand loyalty.

8. Chances of duplication

A digital marketing strategy help to systematically implement the new processes. In absence of strategy, there may be chances of duplication meaning different organisations may purchase different tools for doing similar online marketing tasks.

9. Multiple media options

Text, text and even more text is boring. Customers are more likely to engage with your page if the content provided has a mixture of features such as videos, photos and audio. These are all easy features to incorporate together in a digital marketing strategy and it is extremely beneficial as customer engagement will definitely increase.

10. Affordabilty

Digital marketing is quite affordable when compared to traditional forms of marketing. Different platforms have different prices but ad spending is lower than certain marketing methods. Therefore, due to its low costs, digital strategies yield a greater return on investment than those traditional methods.